Store Purchase Terms And Conditions -You Must Read Before Purchasing Any Store

  • Strictly, payment must be sent by PAYPAL within 24 HOURS of winning the bid.
  • Sales will not work on the website until the buyer or winning bidder adds their payment details to WordPress to start taking payment.
  • Strictly, due to the nature of selling digital products, there can’t be any refunds of websites and all assets involved due to the possibility of copying, selling and the transferring of files to other parties.
  • The products included with this store have not been written by InspirationDNA & or Saturn Web Design, rather by a topic specialist/researcher where the re-sell rights of the ebook have been bought. Saturn Web Design has however designed the products to create beautiful-looking ebooks and cohesive website design. However, the content may be available elsewhere online as the original re-sell rights are non-exclusive to us. Of course, these re-sell rights will be passed on to the winning bidder. You are not needed to pay royalties in selling these ebooks.
  • Strictly, you can only sell the ebooks on the store you purchase from us. You may not sell on any other store or marketplace (including Amazon, Etsy or Ebay). This is to make the selling process fair for all Saturn Store buyers and to not give out any unfair advantage.
  • Strictly, you can only resell (flip) this website with the associated domain name you have acquired from Startup Streams but can not duplicate and re-sell this store in any way or form, on Flippa or any marketplace.
  • You CAN switch the currency, change any of the prices to play around with profit margins and add PayPal, Amazon, Google or Apple Pay (depending on your location).
  • Saturn Web Design can not guarantee sales on your store. Investing in a business is a financial risk and this is certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Please do your due diligence before bidding – bids can not be retracted. All serious entrepreneurs should conduct due diligence checks before bidding or buying – please private message us with your questions. We are always happy to help 🙂
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