Making Money.

You get out what you put in…

The success of a starter store depends on the amount of time allocated, funding invested in marketing and most importantly, the mindset of the new store owner. You will have the potential to make $xx,xxx’s a month with optimal ad spend and correct project management.

If you know what you are doing with marketing, you could be able to make a steady income with 1-2 hours of work a week. Usually time spent is a lot more in the beginning as you get used to the store operations. 

Your job is to send traffic, targeted traffic, to your new business in order to make sales.

The more targeted traffic you send to your new site the better and this can be achieved in a number of ways. 

There are hundreds of different ways to market you new business but to keep things simple, and to help you achieve maximum ROI (Return on investment), here are the most popular methods to exploit:

  1. Google Ads: receive a $100 voucher for Google Ads when you spend $25! (Conditions apply)
  2. Facebook ads: Pinpoint your target market with Facebook and put your store in front of people who ‘like’ pages similar to this website 
  3. Email Marketing: They say $32 is made for every $1 spent on email. This gives it one of the highest ROIs there is. Start collecting emails today. 
  4. Instagram marketing: Send free copies of the ebook to influencers all over the world for a shout-out, review and photo. There are no physical products to post so it makes the process of acquiring influencers across a vast array of social media outlets very simple.
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): This is the art of getting to the top of Google Page 1 for your given keyword. This doesn’t need to cost you anything – It only takes time and effort to get to the top of Google and receive an influx or regular and Free traffic! It does however take months to work, but the time you put in will be well rewarded. 

Bespoke Stores x The Saturn Team

Great! Thanks for showing interest in a bespoke store by The Saturn Team.

We tend to focus on building starter stores but are always open for creating bespoke stores for you. We have created stores in a variety of niches and would be happy to quote for you, so please be as detailed as possible below with what you are looking for in a bespoke website from us.

Please note that prices for bespoke projects start at $800.


For bespoke ebooks and digital products: We’d personally try Fiverr – you’d be able to find people there to write and design quality ebooks for a fair price and in any niche. You can also try Upwork.

As the products included with our store are all digital, you are looking at 100% profit per sale minus marketing costs and payment transaction fees (typically around 2.2% per transaction).  

This is of course minus any marketing fees you may acquire. 

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