How do i manage the store?

After a customer makes a sale…

…the customer instantly receives the e-book (resulting in instant gratification). Equally, the customer automatically receives a link to their email to download too. Everything is set up and is 100% automatic. 

Our stores are ready to scale very quickly. You need to expend most of your efforts concentrating on driving targeted traffic to the website. Anyone from beginners to marketing pros can get to grips with this website as no technical skills or coding is required and sales can be made from day 1 of ownership.

You get out what you put in: The success of a starter store depends on the amount of time allocated, funding invested in marketing and most importantly, the mindset of the new store owner. You will have the potential to make $xx,xxx’s a month with optimal ad spend and correct project management. If you know what you are doing with marketing, you could be able to make a steady income with 1-2 hours of work a week. Usually time spent is a lot more in the beginning as you get used to the store operations.

For other Saturn stores that don’t sell e-books there may be a bit of an expanded process if you see a listing of one of them and need more information feel free to contact us. 

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