Start Here: How Does It Work Step-By-Step?

How to Buy a Business Online

How to buy a business online: It can be stressful and lots of work, especially building a website and getting started. Saturn Web Design is here to save you time, energy, effort and money by completing all of the steps associated with starting an online business. Saturn Web Design is the premium provider for WordPress starter stores. We provide ready-to-grow e-commerce businesses for sale which provides new and experienced entrepreneurs with a business online to make sales from and learn the necessary skills in online selling, e-commerce and digital marketing.

How it works summary:

Step 1: Order a prebuilt Startup business for sale in your favourite niche

Step 2: Saturn Web Design will build a beautiful, responsive and professional store

Step 3: Your store will be transferred to you with 100% ownership, a support pack and premium support to get you started

Step 1

To be successful with an business online you need some ideas; a website, a product, and a key niche. Deciding a niche is a big first step and extremely important to start a business online. The more you are familiar with the niche the better this would be as this would help you to know the target market and find marketing ideas in the future as you would know who you are selling to already. When you have decided on a niche, you can either contact us or visit our listings on Flippa.

Step 2

Next step to buy a business online: When we know what your preferable niche is, it’s our turn to fulfil your website order and complete any design requests you may have (terms apply). We will prepare everything which the site needs, again saving you time as you won’t need to fulfil the following as we do it for you:

Stunning website design and layout, On page SEO, Design optimization, Product pages, Copy-writing, Selection of images, Terms and Privacy policies, Contact us page, Domain name setup (if applicable), Logo design, Product photography / mock up, Product descriptions , Website content, Set up website navigation, Create product collections, Set everything up on the WordPress platform, Automate all fulfillment, Prepare marketing assets, Create a cohesive brand image

Step 3

Everything looks perfect now! Time to make it 100% yours!

The transition process from buying an online business could take between 48 hours or even 15 minutes, depending on the time for both parties (you and us) to answer invites and questions (this normally depends on the time zone we both find ourselves in).

After you manage to buy a business online, we will send all of the elements to your email via WeTransfer or Dropbox which includes a support pack to get you started, you should get the link within 30mins. It is best to follow the link and download it immediately as it will expired in 7 days after you receive it.

You can then log in to your brand new store/website/business once you get the username and password!

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